news 2017:

Historic decision: Un general assembly adopts resolution to negotiate a treaty that will protect half the planet


news 2016:

UN takes significant step towards a new treaty to conserve marine life beyond boundaries

UN prep com concludes on a high note

A promising start for a High Seas treaty


news 2015:

Meeting closes with a major step for the ocean


news 2014:

WWF urges new measures as protected areas fail high seas wildlife

Deep sea mining in EU-waters - a good idea?

Human litter found in Europe's deepest ocean depths

High Seas Alliance encouraged by initial UN discussions on protection of the High Seas

High Seas Alliance addresses States at UN BBNJ Meeting on Day 1

At UN, countries to consider need for global instrument to protect marine biodiversity

Global Ocean Commission supports proposed new UNCLOS agreement


news 2013:

North Atlantic Fisheries Commission fails to protect cold-water reefs and seamounts

Oceana blasts lost opportunity to improve fisheries management in the Atlantic

Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Commission fails to move forward on deep sea conservation

Deep-sea baton passes to full European Parliament, fisheries committee fails to remove threat

Russia, Ukraine again block global efforts for Southern Ocean marine protection

Protection of Antarctica's seas put on ice

Ministerial message from the Ajaccio Conference on ocean protection, calls for High Seas protection grow

Ajaccio ministerial message for the conservation of the High Seas

It's time to throw in the trawl

UN High Seas Biodiversity Meeting ends: High Seas ship sets sail (slowly) 


news 2012:

WWF: new approach to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

End of destructive fishing practice in sight

DSCC hails landmark proposal to phase out deep-sea bottom trawling in North-East Atlantic

Better protection for deep-sea fish stocks and their habitats: questions and answers

Vast high seas area in the North-East Atlantic now protected

Ocean experts deliver verdict on Rio+20 outcomes

OSPAR at 20

No commitment to the High Seas

Atlantic seamount becomes the first case added to international repository of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas


news 2011:

United Nations takes steps for the world's oceans

North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission agrees to continued and sustainable management of major fisheries and marine ecosystems under its responsibility


news 2010:

Nature gets major boost from new biodiversity deal

Information on the protection of biodiversity and mitigating impact of fisheries in the North-East Atlantic

OSPAR Ministers protect the North-East Atlantic deep-seas treasures

WWF awards recognise moves to protect high seas

Historic high seas declaration at risk

Portugal shows the way on high seas protected areas


news 2009:

NEAFC closes large areas to bottom fisheries on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in the High Seas of the North-East Atlantic


news 2008:

Historic move to protect Alps of the undersea

OSPAR pioneers the protection of the high seas, OSPAR on track to meet the new EU marine directive